Mowy Lawn

Welcome to lawnmower heaven - a Garden of Eden where lucky blade-spinners are set free on fields of glorious bushy overgrowth. Pick from a selection of souped-up mowers and dive into a sprawling mass of grass until everything is shaved down into neat, tidy, satisfying strips. But beware of dog! Grassland is filled with four-legged hazards, from canines to frogs to, uh, sheep!

Mowy Lawn is an easy to control casual arcade game. It published by our publisher Playstack. Apple featured the game several times as part of AR game collections.

Fokus of this game is easy controls (just one button) and quick sessions.

The game is developed in Unity. We added a special AR mode to this game using ARKit on iOS and ARCore on Android.


Guess Success

How good can you guess? Do you know how much lipstick a woman inadvertently eats in her life? Or how many Smarties fit into a Smart?! 🤔 Impossible to know? You don’t need to know the exact answer here! Give your best guess and beat your friends in this entertaining social quiz. 👫🏆 Learn exciting and curious facts to impress your friends!

Guess Success is our first Facebook Instant Game. This is Facebook’s game platform for his messenger. It’s different from most quiz games as you only have to guess the answer instead of choosing from a set of answers. The game supports 1v1 vs Facebook friends or random people.

We had to shift from Unity to an HTML5 game engine as Unity wasn’t supported at the time of development. I chose the Haxe language with haxe flixel as a Framework for this game. The backend and multiplayer game logic are written in Firebase.


CS:AR is an Augmented Reality Game for your mobile device. Solve Escape Room-like murder cases in your living room with the help of FIA, your Forensic Investigation Assistant AI.

CS:AR is an AR game developed in Unity. We used ARKit and ARCore as base frameworks. The game consists of various minigames like identify fingerprints or search for clues on virtual and real objects. The biggest challenge in the game was the different real environments the player can be in. There had to be enough space to place all hidden objects for instance. AR tracking also needs an environment with enough contrast to be stable.


Gold Fever

Welcome to your Gold Mine! In Gold Fever you can easily MAKE MONEY online for free! Hire hardworking miners for coins. Boost their speed by watching exciting video ads. Check in daily and get extra coins. Harvest sparkling gold and exchange it for real money.

In Gold Fever you have to complete various offers to collect coins. Those coins can then be used to mine gold. Which then can be exchanged to real money.

The game is developed in Unity. We used a custom Heroku Backend for the user and game logic.




This is a Prototyp for a hyper-casual game. The Balloon is driven by cloth physics. Since there is no pressure property since Unity 4, I used an inner sphere that expands as the balloon gets larger.