Tiny Armies

A new era has begun. Fight for ultimate supremacy in Tiny Armies: Clash Arena, where players from around the world take part in massive, epic multiplayer battles. Recruit soldiers, capture bases, and grow your army into a formidable force with skull-crushing giants and fire-breathing dragons - all live and in-play. Become the most feared warrior on the battlefield and destroy your enemies! Choose your hero, battle in bustling arenas across the kingdom, and earn awesome bonuses by taking on exciting live missions!

Tiny Armies was our second big game after Hi Frog!. It took nearly 3 years of development and was our first game with an external publisher. It got featured as an early access title on the Android Play Store.

We did several new things in this game. The biggest challenge was the implementation of an 8 player real-time multiplayer mode. We chose Photon as a multiplayer framework. It took several optimizations to keep the transmission package size small and ensure smooth playback even on 3G devices.

The game also features a league system. This rewards and engages good players to rank up. Its also used as a fair matchmaking system to ensure that veteran players get matched.


We put great effort into a fair free to play system. This meant several redesigns of the entire monetization system. The whole system was driven by a strong analytics backend which ensured that development goes in the right direction.

Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playstack.tinyarmies



I rigged the model in blender, imported it to unity and then placed a rigid body on each bone. The tentacles who hold the racked and the head has a constant up force applied. The rotation is done with torque force applied to the root bone. You can try the live demo.





Badminton minigame character concept.

Open Source


ReBounce! is simple: Shoot the ball into the goal! Sounds too easy? Then challenge your friends or impress players around the world with your trick shots! It’s an exciting physics puzzle game with a strong multiplayer functionality. Connect with your friends over Facebook and play against them in quick and easy matches. Send them challenges and watch them fail in replays!

This is a casual game with a simple mechanic. We added an asynchronous multiplayer mode to this game. You don’t play in real-time against your opponents. Rather, your matches are recorded and used later. This is great for slow 3G devices as there is no constant internet connection needed.

Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.mobileheroes.rebounce https://apps.apple.com/om/app/rebounce/id1043137178

Totem Tower

Enter the world of Totem Tower and defeat your opponents!

  • Play against FRIENDS via Google Play Games…
  • … or compete ONLINE against players from around the world!
  • Experience action packed moments against an opponent in TOWER MATCH, whether AGAINST EACH OTHER ON ONE DEVICE or ONLINE
  • Set a time in the turn-based TIME TOWER mode and challenge your friends!
  • Compete with your daily highscore in CHALLENGE mode against players from around the world!
  • Train your skills against A.I. in the TUTORIAL mode before you compete ONLINE against real players!

We just released our newest game Totem Tower for Android. 

This is our first multiplayer game. It uses Google Play Games as a framework. This made matchmaking very easy. The biggest challenge was the synchronization between the players who found the match first. As there is no separate game server we needed a local solution. We solved this by keeping two separate local timers on each device. The conflict on who matched first is then resolved between the devices itself.

The game also includes a simple league system. You can rank up if you win multiple games. This influences the matchmaking system as well.

The game was featured on Google Play as Indie Game highlight.

3D Face Scan with Realsense

Intel recently added 3d scanning to their RealSense SDK. Pretty good results even with the included example code.