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I’m happy to join Wandelbots! Looking forward to solving problems and enabling our customers to adopt robotics in the near future!

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SQIN - Best of 2020

Google Play just announced SQIN as one of the best app of 2020 in the category #PersonalGrowth! 🥇

Big shut-out to the whole team and our users who made this possible! 🎉

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SQIN Face Scanner

We have developed a face scanner that can recognize features of the user’s face. To do that we have written a plugin for Unity that uses Tensorflow lite to extract the 3d information of the user’s face. The technology is based on the work from Mediapipe from Google. This solution works in the editor and on mobile devices as well which do not natively support ARKit or ARCore.

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Visualization of the regional COVID-19 Development in Germany

The situation report from the RKI contains a figure which shows the development of the pandemic in Germany over the last 7 days. I wanted to know how this progresses over time and whether the outbreak clusters remain regional.

I used Pandas and Folium to recreate the figure and created this animation. See the code on Github to reproduce the result with current data.

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BeQu Product Scanner

We have developed a Product Scanner which can detect cosmetic products with the help of Machine Learning. This means the user does not have to search for a barcode. And often cosmetic products no longer have a barcode on the product itself.

By scanning the products, the user collects stars which can be exchanged for vouchers or cosmetic products.

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